Charity Fund “SVOYI”

The charity organization “SVOYI” was founded in 2014 as a fund to help victims of Russian aggression.

Main directions of work:

  • palliative care, including respiratory support
  • bone implants for military personnel who received limb injuries during hostilities
  • assistance with medicines and medical supplies to hospitals and military units
  • support of health care institutions of state and communal ownership
  • pain assistance to adults with oncological and other complex diagnoses.

In 2014-2018 – humanitarian assistance with basic necessities (“Frolivska 9/11”, IDP Assistance Center), payment and provision of medical assistance, housing search, employment, retraining, legal support, children’s recovery, support for children’s sports in the “gray” zone. During our work, we provided assistance to more than 35,000 internally displaced persons.